Skillman Doors Testimonials

J.W., Mendham, NJ
"Just wanted to call to compliment the 2 young men you sent out to put the doors in. We're just so satisfied with the doors, they fit perfectly, the cars are even happier because the garage seems a little bit warmer than it was, and the guys can come back any time. They cleaned the garage floors like I haven't seen them clean since I moved in to the house! I want to compliment you on the young fellows you have working for you, they did one hell of a job - we certainly appreciate what everyone has done. Thank you."

H.K. Glen Ridge, NJ
"Thanks for your prompt and excellent service."

J.S., Morristown, NJ
"I was just calling to tell you how thrilled I am with the door. It looks beautiful, its all working, your fellas really did a very, very nice clean job, so I want to thank you again for excellent service."

J.B., Essex Fells, NJ
"Thank you for your prompt service, as always."

" G.N., Clifton, NJ
"I appreciate the fine service - a job well done."

R. F., Montclair, NJ
"We are very happy with your work. Thank you for a job well done."

R.C., Upper Montclair, NJ
"Thank you so much for your quick work in fixing the front mount and replacing the automatic door opener. You guys did great work!"

J.D., Long Valley, NJ
"The guy who installed the equipment was a very nice guy."

M.S., Glen Ridge, NJ
"The door is beautiful, we love it, love it, love it! Thank you. We will be happy to serve as a reference. It's a shame we never met in person but your work is excellent."

B.E., West Caldwell, NJ
"Thank you so much for such prompt and efficient service. It's a welcome change from most."

A.K., Maplewood, NJ
"We have used Skillman Doors and been very pleased with their responsiveness and efficiency."

W.K., Maplewood, NJ
"Thank you for a great job. A word for the young man who did a wonderful job - he certainly knows his job very well - very neat. What an asset to your company."

B.C., Upper Montclair, NJ
"Thanks for coming out so quickly."

J.M., Upper Montclair, NJ
"Thank you for dealing so promptly with our garage door. We appreciate your attention."

J.S. Chester, NJ
"The door and framework look terrific. Thanks again for an excellent job."

B. R., West Orange, NJ
"Since the average businessman gets enough complaints, I thought I would brighten your day a little bit. I called you when I was in a near-panic to come take a look at my garage door. In "my world" a catastrophe had occurred, with colder weather coming, and maybe snow, etc., etc. You called me, tried to get here, but because of the unusual location, couldn't find the house. BUT AT LEAST YOU CALLED and let us know that we were still going to get service. It was a warm feeling to know that someone was going to rescue us. Maybe my apprehensions were overdone. But they were there nevertheless, and I needed to have the comfort of knowing that "someone cared". Thank you for your prompt, effective service. You should give seminars. I hope you make a bundle in this business. You're worth it. As is the serviceman who did the job!"

H.M., Glen Ridge, NJ
"I would have paid the bill Friday, when the job was finished, but I knew if I wrote the check I wouldn't find time to write this letter. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quality and timeliness of your service, these days a lot of service organizations don't know the meaning of the word. If you want to use me as a reference anytime - or show this letter to any prospective clients, please do."

V.K., Bloomfield, NJ
"Thanks for a quick job well done. The service is appreciated - wish I had done this 30 years ago!"

J.F., Millburn, NJ
"I thank you for a job well done!! Your concern and knowledge is most appreciated. I will always recommend you to my friends and associates. You are truly an honest and competent person."

H.N., Bloomfield, NJ
"I appreciate your prompt response to my call concerning my overhead garage door. The replacement of the cables and springs will give my wife and I assurance that no sudden dropping or locking of the door should occur. I'll be pleased to recommend your firm to anyone needing such repairs."

S.F., West Orange, NJ
"Great Job!"

R.O., Montclair, NJ
"You've done a very nice job. We're delighted and anxious to tidy up the garage and see how the cars fit inside. We're quite pleased with the job you did."

M.P., Upper Montclair, NJ
"Our garage doors work like a dream. We're all smiles."

M.M., Bloomfield, NJ
"Just a note of thanks for the 1st class job and professional installation of the garage doors. I have had many compliments on the doors."

G.M. Little Falls, NJ
"Thanks for taking care of this as soon as possible. We really appreciate that and your friendly serviceman."

A.K., Long Valley, NJ
"Thank you for the prompt service."

R.P., West Orange, NJ
"Thank you for your kind service, greatly appreciated."

G.R., Denville, NJ
"Thank you for doing a beautiful job. They work beautifully."

E.D., Mendham, NJ
"The doors look great and your technician was very polite and professional. AND - the best is E_ LOVES the doors!"

M.K., Maplewood, NJ
"Door is great. Thanks. We will recommend your services to our neighbors."

M.M., Chester, NJ
"Thanks for your prompt attention. These days it's hard just to get someone to do the work, let alone take the time to give an estimate. We appreciate it."

J.R., Bloomfield, NJ
"Thank you so much for the great work on our garage. It looks Beautiful!"

R.H., Caldwell, NJ
"Thank you for the nice job well done. I am very pleased."